Recrutement à l’international : quels sites emploi choisir ?

Many recruiters face the problem of finding appropriate candidates. In Germany, for example, the so-called “war for talent” becomes a real concern! In order to source quality staff, HR managers now have to look for talent abroad. But this is not as easy as you might think because different countries have different cultures – and this also shows in the way job adverts are written and designed!

So, what differences are there? We give you a non exhaustive overview on typical issues when it comes to […]
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How a corporate career site helps you recruit successfully

Despite the growing success of social networks in terms of job search, career sites are still popular: nearly 80% of the candidates use them before applying. As a compelling tool for HR communication, they still play a key role in the recruitment process. We tell you why you should have a career website, what the candidates’ expectations are and what a successful career site consists of…
What are the benefits of a career site?
The image that a candidate has of you as an employer can be […]
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How to recruit scientists efficiently

Each target group is different. So are scientists. Are you looking for qualified research staff? Then you ought to know where to look because the well-known path may not always be the best one…
Posting a job advert for example on generalist job sites such as Monster and StepStone is not advised in this case. Scientists do not look for jobs there. Try to figure out what your target group is like. Scientists typically are quite mobile: project related work makes them […]
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Recruitment: give the youth a chance? (26-05-2014)

Have you already planned your summer holidays? Will you go to your usual 5-stars hotel on the Côte-d’Azur, where you can be sure it will be sunny and cosy? Or will you try something new and take a wild trip in the rainforests of Malaysia?
A simple and reassuring decision, against an innovative and “crazy” one. Choices are sometimes hard to make.
Believe it or not, that is a situation which can be compared to recruiter’s daily work, choosing between steadiness and freshness. When writing a job advert for a replacement or a new position, they often have to face a […]
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Recruitment and mobile: the era of express job application? (21.11.2014)

Overview of mobile solutions and candidates’ habits
In our over-connected world where demand for instantaneity grows, it is quite natural for the recruitment and HR sphere to be itself affected by the “I want everything, and now” syndrome.
Every day, thousands of job adverts are shared on job boards and professional social networks. But some positions are highly sought-after: certain jobs or sectors don’t hire anymore, or really rarely. So when job seekers discover this one job in a million, the one that […]
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Since last year, MOOCs, these Massive Open Online Courses have been moving the world of e-recruitment and online training. Entirely open to the public, these online classes platforms are free and totally dematerialized, allowing anyone to gain skills in the field they want. In a few clicks, every Internet user becomes a student!

“Introduction to Information Systems”, “Photography for beginners” or “Understanding Transmedia Storytelling”, subjects are varied, interesting and easily accessible for novices.
From education to corporate
Originally developed by universities and colleges, MOOCs are now crossing the border of educational sphere, ending up in the […]
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Work around the globe worldwide job seeking and recruitment (24-02-2015)

nl-header-enFifty years ago, working on the other side of the country was not as common as today. A deep attachment to their culture, family and home region was keeping workers from leaving far away. Today, a New-Yorker who settles in LA or someone from Hamburg moving to Munich for work isn’t something extraordinary. The geographical distance isn’t a problem anymore, every place seem to be reachable.

The working population, especially younger people, doesn’t hesitate to go abroad as well, and become […]
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Employer brand & young graduates – Seducing GEN Y

As you may have noticed, marketing is everywhere and is increasingly used in HR. Companies, especially multinational groups, have to define their different recruitment targets. A company will communicate in different ways if it is looking for leading executives or technicians, starting with the media where the job advert is going to be published. Thousands of job boards worldwide are at recruiters’ disposal, enabling them to choose the most appropriate media to post a precise advert.
Beyond targeting candidates per functions or sectors, companies […]
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