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Aktor Interactive announces the aquisition of AD-RH

Aktor Interactive announces today their acquisition of AD-RH, a company based in Paris and the publisher of AD-Men, the most widely used integrated software solution among recruitment agencies in France. AD-RH is also very prominent among professionals of expert and internal HR service delegation.

[Onrec Magazine] François de Boutray interview about “worldwide networks”

There are many ways of looking for a job on a global scale; worldwide online networks can mean partnerships between jobboards in different countries, social networks such as LinkedIn as well as general jobboards. Interestingly, some of these are proving more successful in some countries than others, so it is worthwhile researching the subject before choosing which medium may be best for your jobs.

The world’s largest job board encyclopedia

OnRec – Aktor Interactive, the French international recruitment media agency, will launch the 15th of May a new dedicated website called “We have worked on this project for one year, states its CEO, (…)”

Aktor Interactive to launch Jobboardfinder

Ri5 – On Thursday 15 th May, French-based international recruitment communications agency Aktor Interactive is scheduled to launch – a new website designed to provide an overview of the international job-board market. It’s described as “a guide enabling recruiters to find centralised information on…

Launch of the world’s largest job board encyclopedia

[Press Release] For employers and HR managers, finding the right fit for a job ad has always been an issue. Today, globalisation has made things even more complex, by shifting the “war for talent” at an international level. In order to help recruiters have a clear overview of the international job board market,…

Jobboard Finder relies on comScore to enhance its offer

[Press Release] Jobboard Finder chooses comScore, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics. This will enable the world’s largest job board encyclopedia to publish undeniable audience figures measured using same standards. It is an essential advantage for the “comparator” function of Jobboard Finder…

Measuring and optimising advert performance – Aktor to launch monitoring tool for their customers

Aktor Interactive now provide their customers with a freely accessible monitoring tool named JobTools. Customers can now measure their advert’s perfomance in real-time and perform media comparative analytics, too.

When job portal visitor stats only tell half the story

Independent statistics can be very helpful in the recruitment process, especially when it comes to choosing the appropriate job board to post your vacancies on. Unfortunately, there is a general lack of such stats. Aktor tries to fill a part of this gap. In his blog, Christo from the AIM Group says why.

ONREC talks about Aktors job board studies ONREC talks about Aktors job board studies

Aktor’s in-depth analysis of major European job boards is subject on HR platform ONREC.

Aktor’s NEW European Job Board Study

Aktor’s new market report is out! It looks at the key job board players in Europe and helps recruiters identify the right ones for their individual recruitment campaigns!

New Design & New Service: Aktor relaunch their website

Aktor recently relaunched their company website. Both the design and the navigation have been improved, including three strong visuals leading to Aktor’s three key services Employer Branding, Engineered Recruitment Advertising and Candidate Management Software.

Ri5: “Aktor continues its growth path”

HR platform Ri5 talks about news at Aktor (new colleagues, new offices in Paris!) and points out the agency’s international growth.