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Eurocontrol aims to standardise the European airspace and to ensure safe navigation in the skies. Our consultants regularly advise Eurocontrol for their recruitment campaigns and provide advert publication services. Our goal is the support the group throughout their campaign and to make recruiting easier.

Aktor Interactive creates online campaigns in several countries to attract students, as well as targeted advertising for more specific profiles. It goes without saying that we design and format the digital adverts, as well as write the content. We also monitor the entire process and provide regular reports for our clients.

What does Eurocontrol stand to gain?

  • A reduction in the time usually spent looking for profiles
  • A simplified recruitment process
  • Targeted expertise for their niche

Lear Corporation

Lear is one of the leading providers of automobile seats and electricity distribution networks. In addition to its headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, Leah is also present in 240 other locations in 36 countries throughout the world, employing 136 000 workers. In Europe and Africa alone, Lear employs 43 000 people who speak 17 languages between them. We support Lear in the EMEA zone through their national and cross-border recruitment campaigns and we act as the main partner of Lear’s regional HR teams.

We offer many solutions to simplify the quest for great candidates. To start with, we provide digital and printed advertising, as well as campaigns on traditional media platforms or ones on specialist sites. Aktor takes care of the design and formatting, the content and the translation of the adverts, then we provide monthly reports on the campaigns.

What does Lear Corporation stand to gain?

  • Specific targeting for specialised profiles and niches in Europe
  • Improved branding of the employer image
  • Extra time and a simplified tracking process of the recruitment campaigns


Bombardier is passionate about helping people find each other, wherever they might be in the world. This international leader in train and plane manufacturing is present in more than 60 countries on five continents. Therefore, Bombardier was faced with the problem of handling international recruitment for a number of its locations.
Aktor Interactive proposed a solution in two parts:

The launch of the ad campaign in all of Europe to optimise the recruitment visibility for Bombardier and to generate quality applications from the target countries.
Banner campaigns to boost traffic to the career page. To do this, we offered media advice (by identifying the most relevant websites and job boards), invested in media buys, adapted the offers to the different platforms and we monitored the returns.

What were the results for Bombardier transport?

  • Increase in traffic to the site
  • Improved visibility and understanding of the company overseas
  • Recruitment of targeted and qualified candidates


MBDA is the European leader in missile and missile systems design. With already 10 000 active employees, the company is growing. MBDA was therefore confronted with the problem of facing an increase in recruitment while maintaining a sufficient amount of quality candidate sourcing.

Aktor’s solution was broken down into 5 parts:

  • The launch of an ad campaign in France
  • Targeted press campaign for young graduates
  • Recruitment communication campaign
  • Community management project
  • Co-optation program with the alumni networks from big engineering universities

To do this, we offered advice and media buying for different recruitment sites, the press or social media. We also studied and created a benchmark to determine the best platforms for the CPC and CPM campaigns. All of these parts of the campaigns were tracked and monitored.

What was the result for MBDA?

  • Targeted and quality recruitment
  • Increased notoriety of the company
  • Simplified recruitment process and tracking of the results



Toupargel is the leading French delivery company of frozen food to your door. With almost 6 million orders a year, the company is constantly looking for new employees. Therefore, Toupargel faces the problem of meeting its recurring recruitment needs (for field salesmen, telemarketers, supervisors, etc.).

Aktor offered the following solution: a design and launch of a press and web media strategy.

This translates into the design of a graph for the adverts, consulting and media buying (press and web). We tracked and monitored the entire campaign.

What was the result for Toupargel?

  • Optimisation of the recruitment visibility
  • Qualified and targeted applicant submissions
  • Reduction of lost time and simplified recruitment process



The National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) is an establishment specialised in medical research. The institute strives to employ quality staff. During a competitive recruit phase, Inserm was confronted with a problem of assuring an influx of quality applications for researcher, engineer, technician and agent positions.

Our response was to launch a “drive-to-web” multichannel strategy, in three parts :

  • Set up of an array of communication steps for web platforms
  • Hyper targeting initiatives through Facebook Social Ads
  • Communication design and graph identity: I Love la Recherche

What was the result for Inserm?

  • Increase of quality traffic to the recruitment page
  • Quality candidate targeting
  • Appealing to candidates with an appetite for research at university


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