ATS / jobposting software and hiring solutions

As a digital agency and software publisher, Aktor Interactive helps you optimizing your recruitment process.

We've been trying to improve the work of recruiters for 15 years, using our innovative technologies and solutions.

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Application Tracking System

  • Kioskemploi's recruitment management software: GestMax Software
  • SimplyJobs: Manage your recruitments with a complete solution which covers the entire process.

Applicant management

  • Each application generates its own folder which gathers every pieces of information attached to a candidate (attached files, history…) and allows for individual actions like sending a message, moving or forwarding someone, etc.
  • Matching score associated with each candidate according to their relevance
  • Assessment center for candidates
  • Integrated messaging service for sending automatic or customised mails. Stay in touch with your talent pipeline by sending newsletters to your applicants!

Talent pipeline

  • Search engine with intuitive multi-criteria options which generates relevant results
  • Automatic updates


  • You can customise your job offer with your own graphic style guide
  • One-click publishing on every platform available at once (career website, job sites, social networks…)
  • High-performing publishing engine which tracks the statuses of your job offers (sent, online, error messages…)

Campaign tracking and analysis

  • Modular front end interface helps you visualize at a glance the summay of your on-going missions as graphs.
  • More than 50 different criteria: total number of applicants, distribution by media/status, individual price of applicants by media, number of interviews done…


Jobdistribution mulitposting : RoboPost® Jobtools

  • Automation of your job offers publishing
  • Management of your products / remaining credits (jobboard, social networks, aggregators)
  • Analyse the performances of your actions / sourcing media


Tool for choosing media: Jobboard Finder

  • Compare media according to criteria like content, target audience, speciality, web traffic…
  • Publish your job offers on more than 860 media and 160 countries


Audience and candidate experience analysis: JobPanel

  • Improve your knowledge of the targeted audience
  • Measure your attractivity
  • Evaluate the candidate experience
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