Employer branding and recruitment marketing

Keywords ? Employe Value Proposal, career website, graduate program, high potential program, disabled and diversity, targeting of passive profiles, employee retention, internal talent pipeline, networking ...

Our approach

As a consulting agency in HR communication, Aktor Interactive accompanies you into building your employer brand and setting up HR communication campaigns in France or worldwide.

Strategic and creative consulting

  • External and internal auditing
  • JobPanel
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • Creating a brand platform and unique positioning from a communication concept

Ressources consulting

  • HR website, SEO - SEM
  • HR events - job dating, HR fairs
  • School/Institute partnership
  • Social networks (company page, growth campaign, sourcing tools, community management)
  • Programmatic marketing campaign (display, google adwords, retargeting…)
  • Applications (virtual career fair, mobile website)
  • Media (press, job board, display, digital)
  • Internal communication (co-optation and rewards, ambassadors, target audience, intranet)

Our creed


Recruiting is a strategic process which is first and foremost a selling act before anything else.


In order to reach the targeted canditates (passive or active, internal or external), one needs to set up a marketing strategy that expands attractiveness on several channels.


Your HR website is your main communication stronghold in which your words are both exhaustive and qualitative. In a drive-to-web strategy, it's the point of convergence of all your recruiting actions: advertising (online/offline), events, school partnerships, social networks.

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