Recruting in Belgium

Belgium is a small market focused on 3 or 4 leading job sites. Note than the traditional press is still quite used, thanks to calibrated and attractive prices (Le Soir / De Standaard).

Leading recruiting media

jobat stepstone monster


Our services include

  • Media consulting and selection of the platforms
  • Publishing - Categorisation - Keywords
  • Reporting - Number of applicants per media / Number of viewed offers per media
  • Options
    • Pre-selection of applicants by bilingual consultant
    • Sourcing on the social networks and CV databases

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Key numbers

  • Average salary for men (2011)
    2 999 €/month
  • Average salary for women (2011)
    2 343 €/month
  • Unemployment rate 8,5%
    (Eurostats March 2014)


The language barrier is a sensitive problem for publishing: unless you're an international company, we suggest you publish either in French and/or Dutch.

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