Recruting in Germany

Germany is probably the most prolific market when it comes to recruitment media (>200), which requires knowledge in the audience and the local particularities

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Our services include

  • Media consulting and selection of the platforms
  • Translation of your job offer in German
  • Publishing - Categorisation - Keywords
  • Reporting - Number of applicants per media / Number of viewed offers per media
  • Options
    • Pre-selection of applicants by bilingual consultant
    • Sourcing on the social networks and CV databases

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Key numbers

  • Average salary for men (2011)
    3 508 €/month
  • Average salary for women (2011)
    2 861 €/month
  • Unemployment rate 5,1%
    (Eurostats March 2014)


Be aware of the need for a large recruitment budget: German media are costly and the number of applications per publication is generally low.
However preselection is usually fast since CV are most often precise and complete.
Candidates are used to send certificates, diplomas with their applications.

Recruiting software Germany

Our recruitment software is also available in German. Visit our website below to discover it :

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