Recruting in Switzerland

Unemployment rate remains very low in Switzerland and salaries are among the highest in Europe. That's why you need to be vigilant regarding your job offer's quality, precision and attractivity.

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Our services include

  • Media consulting and selection of the platforms
  • Publishing - Categorisation - Keywords
  • Reporting - Number of applicants per media / Number of viewed offers per media
  • Options
    • Pre-selection of applicants by bilingual consultant
    • Sourcing on the social networks and CV databases

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Key numbers

  • Average salary for men (2011)
    7 690 CHF/month
  • Average salary for women (2011)
    5 902 CHF/month
  • Unemployment rate 3,5%
    (Seco 2013)


Job offers must be in French for the French-speaking regions, in German for the German-speaking regions and in English everywhere if it's for a senior excutive position or anything international.

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