Recruting in the UK

The UK is a dense market with numerous active media and intermediaries. You need to combine generalist and specialised websites in order to reach candidates.

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Our services include

  • Media consulting and selection of the platforms
  • Translation of your job offer in English
  • Publishing - Categorisation - Keywords
  • Reporting - Number of applicants per media / Number of viewed offers per media
  • Options
    • Pre-selection of applicants by bilingual consultant
    • Sourcing on the social networks and CV databases

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Key numbers

  • Average salary for men (2011)
    2 551 £/month
  • Average salary for women (2011)
    1 053 £/month
  • Unemployment rate 6,8%
    (Eurostats March 2014)


The UK is a very dynamic market in which decisions can be made very quickly.
If you find the ideal candidate for the post, don't wait too long before signing the contract.

Recruiting software in english

Our recruitment software is also available in the UK, United states and all the english speaking countries. Visit our website below to discover it :

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