Recruitment media buying and job distribution

As a media agency with expertise in recruiting platforms (online and offline) in France and worldwide, Aktor Interactive assists you in selecting, buying, publishing and analysing the performances of your job offers.

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Our approach

To optimize the visibility and the efficiency of your adverts, maximize your media investment and your results (candidates / recruitments)


  • Targetting your audience
  • Selecting the media (press, fairs, job boards, aggregators, social networks, web)
  • Optimizing your budget

Publishing (Online / Press)

  • Validating the content (visuals, graphic style, writing) and the efficiency of your advert (keywords, SEO, tags)
  • Translating / localising
  • Graphical editing
  • Proof-reading
  • Categorising and media optimising Publishing (with the Aktor RoboPost crossposting technology)
  • Monitoring after publishing

Evaluating and assessing

  • Analysing the performances and productivity of your job offers and media (number of views, clicks, candidacies created, etc.)
  • Following the budgets and packs consumption (with the Jobtools tracking technology)


  • Negociating
  • Brooking
  • Pricing (based on quantity, performance, with or without minimum commitment,…)

Our creed


Mastering the values chain and the media performance tracking technologies guarantee the quality, efficiency and transparency of our services for our clients.


Pragmatism, market knowledge and constant analysis in the execution of the media planning are the keys for a qualitative ROI.


Thanks to our critical thinking, experience and proximity with the audience, our clients receive maximum efficiency and benefit from the evolution of the advertising sector (retargeting, RTB, programmatic) / media (job boards, social networks)

Why choose Aktor?

We are one of the first who used jobposting software tracker and we own our technologies (RoboPost® - Jobtools, Jobboard Finder, jobpanel)

  • We are active through every step of the chain of value, from consulting beforehand to analytics reporting at the end of the campaigns and qualitative surveys for candidates.
  • We developed a unique international expertise by managing and creating campaigns in 100 countries and forging partnerships with several thousands media and platforms.

We are expert on buying media and optimizing budgets for HR/recruiting. We offer custom-tailored solutions adapted to each client (based on performances, negociated prices without commitment, Framework Agreement, advertising agencies, single buying)

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