General terms and Conditions AKTOR Interactive

  1. Application

The placing of an order implies full and unreserved buyer to these terms and conditions. No general purchase can prevail over these terms and conditions. No addition, omission or modification of any provision of these terms and conditions shall be binding upon the company AKTOR INTERACTIVE unless written acceptance from her.

  1. Order confirmation

Orders taken by our trading or sent by our customers are considered firm after a client signed a Commercial Agreement or an order in lieu of confirmation.

  1. Delivery service agenda

AKTOR INTERACTIVE held in an obligation of means in achieving its delivery.

Internet ad service:

AKTOR INTERACTIVE is diffusing customer jobs in the shortest possible time.

Concerning the placing online ad, AKTOR INTERACTIVE depends on online lead times partner sites, so AKTOR INTERACTIVE can not guarantee better than the sites own commitments towards AKTOR INTERACTIVE.

Also the deadlines set by the Commercial Agreement shall be automatically revised without the responsibility of

AKTOR INTERACTIVE can be questioned, in the following cases:

  • if changes or additions are made to the project by the customer after the preparation of the final text,
  • If the posting can not be performed as scheduled, for reasons attributable to the customer,

In addition, any delay due to the customer as a result:

  • inaccurate, incomplete communication to AKTOR INTERACTIVE
  • a lack of collaboration,
  • deficiency in the client organization,
  • a delay in communication or approval of a document,
  • and more generally for breach of a contractual term (general or special conditions), freeing AKTOR INTERACTIVE any commitment on turnaround and lead to the customer, payment of all additional costs incurred by its deficiency (particularly costs related to extra time spent on the file).

This additional cost may consider compensation for any injury related to the delay caused by the customer, including the offset of the treatment schedule and other files can be up to 50% of the amount of the order.

Any new commitments on time and the resumption of work must be an express agreement between the two parties. This new commitment does not alter the payment terms agreed

Finally, any delay due to the temporary inability to access the back office publishing sites to messaging server, especially if the cause is an interruption of services Electricity De France, Telecommunications, ISPs, Webhost, or force majeure or vicarious, result in the revision of time without the responsibility of AKTOR INTERACTIVE can be questioned.

  1. Elements provided by the client:

Technical elements must be sufficient and in accordance with the technical specifications of carrier quality. Otherwise, AKTOR INTERACTIVE can not be held responsible for the poor quality reproduction.

AKTOR INTERACTIVE held no liability for any damage, loss or theft, on the technical elements or element entrusted by the client would be.

Any document not claimed by the client in the period of one month will be destroyed.

The customer guarantees that the items he transmits to line up late are free of copyright: it assumes full responsibility for the claim of any third party in this regard.

  1. Prices

Our prices are charged duty plus VAT, based on the accepted rates and special conditions.

Prices shown on the estimate or the trade agreement are fixed for a period of one month of issue.

Design, creation and production of websites, advertisements, brochure

An initial estimate commercial offer is still regarded as estimated and can be adjusted at the end of the scoping phase of the benefits to be realized.

This scoping phase can precisely define the scope of intervention of the agency (benefits, volume …) and to develop and validate the framework documents (graphical templates, rail / tree, storyboard, functional specifications …).

Are considered corrections writers additional services not included in the quotation or changes to posteriori of framing material.


  • validated creative change,
  • modification of validated functional specifications,
  • number of round / corrections returns greater than that provided in the contract specifications

Any service not included in the estimate will be a supplementary estimate.


  • visual search,
  • visual alterations,
  • additional pagination,
  • other delivery points …
  1. Properties / intellectual properties right

Creative work and files are owned by the agency as long as the advertiser has not paid the fee.

Iconographic use rights are transferred to the conditions specified in the quote (scope and duration).

Hourly costs are valid for the calendar year and will be revalued according to changes in the Syntec index.

  1. Invoicing

To broadcast ads, billing occurs since the publication of the first announcement of the command object.

For other services, the billing will be in a defined steps in the commercial offer.

The provisional schedule is validated by the customer upon agreement

The document signed by the client sets the schedule of payments (payments and balance).

All delays attributable to the customer leading to a delayed posting the site are no consequences on the payment schedule ..

  1. Payment terms

8.1. Terms

Cash settlement upon receipt of invoice unless agreed otherwise specified on the command or the publication of offer.

8.2. Delay or failure

No discount for deferred payment involves the application of a penalty of 3 times the legal rate of interest (Act 2008-776 of 04/08/2008) and a lump-sum compensation for recovery costs € 40 (2012-1115 Decree of 02/10/2012).

Also of interest will apply to late 7% per year. This compensation is payable along with interest on late payments as soon as the payment is not made by the due date, without any reminder is needed.

On the other hand in case of no response to our notice, it will be subject to recovery by a third party and all costs incurred will be borne by the customer.

These allowances are formally agreed between the parties, will not require prior notice. Any delay in payment shall entitle the claimant to postpone or cancel or orders, without prejudice to any other action. Failure to pay invoices or bills to agreed deadlines will result in the payment of all amounts due and not yet due.

8.3 Changing Invoice

If the Buyer for reasons of its own demand AKTOR Interactive modify previously issued invoices, AKTOR Interactive invoice the Buyer chargeback fees and file management up € 50 tax per invoice.

  1. Subscription to technical services

Subscription to technical services, unless otherwise indicated, such as gestmail, gestpro, robopost are concluded for one year and renewed by tacit agreement for 12 months. Termination can occur on the anniversary with a 2 months notice.

  1. Illegal content

AKTOR INTERACTIVE recalls that the text and illustrations provided by the customer must be used in compliance with the regulations and is forbidden to distribute any information and / or materials are of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic, abusive, libelous. ..etc.

AKTOR INTERACTIVE can not be held responsible in any capacity whatsoever, the content of the information provided by other than itself, which is the sole responsibility of their author.

In this respect, it can not guarantee the truth or including the timeliness of such information. AKTOR INTERACTIVE nevertheless reserves the right to filter or delete any content or illegal information.

  1. Liability

AKTOR INTERACTIVE will in no way be responsible for the temporary inability to access the Partner on which AKTOR INTERACTIVE broadcasts the announcement of the customer, especially if the cause is an interruption of services Electricity De France, Telecommunications, ISPs, web hosts, while force majeure or vicariously; it will be the same for all makes the user or any person authorized by him and which he is responsible.

  1. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute all or part of these terms and conditions as any that may arise from the execution of any order is made attribution of jurisdiction to the Commercial Court of Lyon.

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