HR Tools and Solutions

Our Tools and Strategies to Attract Talent and Improve Your ROI

Employer Attractiveness

Aktor Interactive helps you build your employer brand and plan your HR communication, making it easier to attract and manage local and international talent.

Since your brand is unique, so are the problems it faces. To ensure we’re offering the best service, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific recruitment needs. That way, we can advise based on your situation.

Career Page Design

Your HR page is the heart of communication on your website. You take centre stage when it comes to the quality and the quantity of the information. It encumbrances all the recruitment announcements from the company: job offers (online/offline), events – job dating, partnerships with schools, social media, etc. It is the best place to interact with candidates without an intermediary.

Media Buying and Job Posting

Thanks to our experience with and tracking of more than 1 500 recruitment media channels in France and overseas (job boards, social media, the press, radio, TV, professional associations, etc.), we can assist you in selecting the best media to reach your target candidates. We step in to optimize and structure your buying. We offer the best brokerage rates for your needs. We provide a complete publication service for the implementation and management of your campaigns.

Candidate Sourcing

  • Reach out to relevant professionals and attract both passive and active candidates.
  • Take advantage of talent market mapping and direct contact with relevant professionals even if they aren’t currently looking for a new position.
  • Preselect the best profiles and turn them into engaged candidates.
  • Motivate your talent pools.

HR Data / Analytics

Founded at the beginning of the e-recruitment era, Aktor Interactive has been analyzing and tracking digital media channels over the past 15 years. Whether in France or overseas, Aktor Interactive has remained impartial, sustainable and efficient.

Our customers have a complete understanding of their returns on recruitment investments. The campaign performance analysis in real time allows us to adjust the communication channels if necessary, so that we can make the campaign more efficient.

International Recruitment

Being international defines our company: two thirds of the agency’s activity take place outside of France, especially in the DACH and EMEA zones. We have carried out recruitment campaigns in over 100 countries and we are proud to be a European company.