HR Big Data and Analysis

Big data for hr analytics and Recruitment Marketing

The digital transformation of recruitment via job boards, social media and other software has generated a huge quantity of data, which helps optimise your talent acquisition process.

Thanks to Aktor:

  • Your sourcing strategies are designed based on data from inbounding recruitment tools and programmatic analysis of the media used.
  • The team actively manages your recruitment campaigns and explores the large range of solutions and media platforms available to optimise your returns as well as the performance and quality of your brand positioning and your responses (through programmatic recruitment and CPC/CPA monitoring).

You can build pipelines of relevant profiles to accelerate your talent acquisition and reduce your recruitment time.

Big Data and Recruitment Marketing

Our assistance adapts to your specific problems and the structure of your data.

  • The elaboration of candidate sourcing strategies and help choosing the media buys through inbound recruiting and programmatic analysis of media.
  • Active recruitment campaign management (programmatic recruitment, CPC/CPA monitoring, performance metrics in real time, etc.).
  • Candidate Pipeline Builder (prospective performance, automation of the selections, activation over a mid- to long term time frame, etc.).
  • Full use of the talent pools in compliance with the GDPR (application orientation, conversational activity and engagement, talent pooling, etc.).

Our approach to HR data focuses on ROI and it is based on our extensive knowledge of the technology used.