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Sourcing candidates

In keeping with an increase of resources at an optimised cost, our active sourcing solutions can be launched in France and overseas.

With active sourcing, « Candidate Sourcing », reach and attract talented candidates in addition to being present on media platforms; convert passive ones into active ones.

The Approach: The Resource Strategy


  • We define a sourcing strategy (job offer description, selection criteria and expectations, channel and source selection)
  • Through social media and direct sourcing, we target passive profiles on social media, in CV databases and other databases: push email and/or calls.
  • We measure profile qualification and the compatibility with the position (based on experience, past projects, salary expectations, language skills, motivation and other attractive qualifications)
  • We help convert relevant passive profiles into interested candidates
  • Candidate meetings are organised and orchestrated by the team
  • We create a pipeline of relevant profiles and keep the talent pool active as a resource for future recruitment needs

Added Value of Sourcing


  • Brick by brick service: you can access the full scope of services required for your recruitment needs
  • An international experience and understanding of employment marketing
  • Assistance from international consultants for a thorough grasp of foreign languages
  • Control over the budget and any delays
  • Performance engagement and platform analytics
  • Information transparency: data sharing in real time and access to all the data at the end of the campaign (in the talent pool)

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