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Employer Image and HR Marketing

We design dedicated attraction devices according to your specific targets


An in-depth understanding of your candidate personae and the competitive environment of your industry are the foundation of a great content strategy for a successful inbound marketing plan.
Your brand and Employee Value Proposal should form one unified group, which reflects your corporate identity. They are the levers for promoting your authenticity to talented professionals.

We assist you in defining your targets and in structuring your content, your messages and your outlets for sharing them.

We design platforms and strategies to reach your specific target candidates (graduates, disabled workers, diverse candidates, etc.).


Become a first-rate employer to attract new talent.
Define your company as an employer and highlight your competitive advantages. Build your employer brand.


  • Strategy advice
  • Internal and external positioning audits to define the best platforms for your brand
  • Analysis of your target candidates and outline of your candidate personae
  • Competitive benchmarks to learn more about your competition’s presence online and to
  • identify your diverging points
  • Approval of a signature and the HR communication design


Communicate efficiently with your target professionals

  • Social media (thanks to company pages, acquisition campaigns, sourcing tools, etc.)
  • Partnerships with schools
  • Media (through the press, job boards, posters and the radio)
  • Programmatic marketing (Display Network, Google AdWords, etc.)
  • HR events (job dating, recruitment fairs, etc.)
  • Active talent pools (thanks to a newsletter, which reflects your brand)

Accompagnement et déploiement

Communiquer efficacement auprès de vos cibles

  • Réseaux sociaux (page entreprise, campagne d’acquisition, outils de sourcing …)
  • Relations écoles
  • Media (presse, jobboard, affichage, radio)
  • Campagne de marketing programmatique (display, google adverts, …)
  • Evènementiel RH (jobdating, salon de recrutement …)
  • Activation de vivier (création de newsletter à votre image)


Your HR page is the heart of communication on your website. You take centre stage when it comes to the quality and the quantity of the information.

Every aspect of it should encourage engagement and help build a rapport with your target audience so that they become brand ambassadors.

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Agence conseil en marketing et communication RH
Agence conseil en marketing et communication RH
Agence conseil en marketing et communication RH