Lear is one of the largest suppliers of car seats and electricity distribution networks. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Lear has 240 locations in 36 countries worldwide with 136,000 employees. In Europe and Africa, Lear employs 43,000 people from more than 17 languages. We support Lear in the EMEA area through national and cross-border recruitment campaigns and act as the main partner for all Lear HR regional teams.

We propose many solutions to facilitate the search for the right candidates. Let's start with, digital and print advertisements, through traditional media campaigns, to more targeted online campaigns. Aktor is in charge for design and layout, drafting and advertising translation and providing monthly campaign reports.

What are the advantages for Lear Corporation?

  • Accurate targeting for specialized and niche profiles in Europe
  • Improved Employer image
  • Time saving and ease of follow-up of the recruitment process