MBDA is the European leader in the manufacture of missiles and missiles systems. With already 10 000 employees, the company is still growing. MBDA was confronted with the problem of how to deal with the increase in recruitment while maintaining a sufficient and quality candidate sourcing.

Aktor has brought a solution in 5 parts:

  • Deployment of an ad campaign in France
  • Press campaign targeting young graduates
  • Recruitment campaign
  • Community management
  • Co-optation program with Alumni networks of French engineering schools

To do this, we have offered advices and media buying for various recruitment sites, press or social networks. We also studied and realized a Benchmark to determine the best supports for the campaigns. Of course we monitored all the campaigns.

Was are the results for MBDA?

  • Targeted and quality recruitment
  • Increase of the brand awareness
  • Ease of the recruitment process et monitoring of the results