Our team

The consultants

They are the experts that build innovative campaigns and find new talents for you. They speak 8 languages and have lived/worked in more than 10 countries in Europe and worldwide.

> One dedicated consultant follows you and gives you advices. She/He is your unique interlocutor during the entirety of your project.

Servan, Fabien, Jérôme, Daniel, François, Armelle, Carole, Pauline, Cyril, Sylvain…

The "digital-savvy" experts

  • IT (developers, programmers, system administrator),
  • Creative design (webdesigner, graphist, multimedia integrator),
  • Campaign management (head of publishing, community manager, social media manager)

Kristian, Judith, Gulnara, Nicolas, Jérôme, Guillaume, Fabien…

Business support

Accounting, financial control, human ressources, management…

Elke, Magalie …

Passionate and creative

They create innovative platforms with high traffic, develop software or application solutions and exchange with your IT team.

They bring your words and images to life, those which will represent you in the eyes of candidates and/or coworkers.

They publish and optimize your campaigns online and monitor your job offers' performances.

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